How Our Politicians Get Better Each Day…Of The Misfiring Khupe, Tsvangirai and Dr. Amai

A dramatisation of our politicians might just grab a couple of rave reviews and become a box office hit, they do have a knack of doing or saying the weirdly funny and unfortunately for them and us, they usually mean it.

 By Leopold Munhende

It baffles the mind how these politicians, some of whom are not assured of being in their current offices by the time elections come next year, would be so careless in their use of diction. Their failure in expressing themselves raises a lot of eyebrows as they are the same people whom if voted into power will be expected to represent us and sometimes broker deals on behalf of Zimbabwe, at times with hostile states.

As I alluded to in my previous article to be published on this platform, most of the negatives seem to be coming from an institution on which the Zimbabwean populace hinges its only hope for a better life, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

MDC-T Vice President Thokozani Khupe arriving at a party rally in Highfields

I am sure most of my countryman were left in a state of disbelief as MDC vice president and former deputy prime minister in the Government of National Unity (GNU), Thokozani Khupe confessed on radio that she was into politics not for there to be a democratic shift or betterment of our country but for the big bucks that come along with all this.

Having gotten this through social circles, I was quick to dismiss it as a mere smear campaign against an individual whom I had considered to be more motherly than Amai. In a clip recorded at one of her meetings in the United Kingdom (UK) recently Khupe laid it all bare for us to understand, by being as honest as no other politician since 1980.

 “Let us be honest, we are in politics because we want money. I personally love a better life but it can only be good if you have money.

 “We are all here because we want money. Without money we cannot go anywhere guys, let us be honest with each other,” said Khupe.

It is easy to dismiss the story but after interactions with some of her fellow associates in the inclusive government one would discover that she really does like the finer side of life.

Khupe spent most of her time out of the country than in it as deputy premier and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, she chose to rent a whole upmarket hotel wing in South Africa’s glitzy residence of Sandton at the state’s expense. An ordinary hotel was not good enough for her, after, she is in politics for the money and the good life.

She was treated in South Africa throughout her tenure as deputy premier but now spends half her time clamoring that Mugabe is being treated outside Zimbabwe at the tax payer’s expense.

Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe leader, Elton ‘Steers’ Mangoma

Save then stepped in for the killer punch. I think the GNU really did taint some of our opposition politicians as argued by Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) president, Elton Mangoma and state owned media.

MDC president, Morgan Tsvangirai was blunt in his statement, which sounded more like a statement coming from his nemesis president Robert Mugabe.

 “I will not accept defeat,” is the message Zimbabweans woke up to this week.

Democracy is one of the key tenants on which his party rests on, his party is a movement for democratic change in Zimbabwe yet it seems otherwise if this is to be taken into cognisance.

Tsvangirai’s statements echo those of Minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa on one of his visits to Britain in 2013 when he got to be grilled on Steven Sackur’s HardTalk leading him to declare that they (Zanu PF) will not accept a MDC win. Such statements should be condemned as they are disrespectful to Zimbabweans across the globe and show that just like his 93 year old nemesis he is prepared to ignore the will of the masses and the constitution he helped craft too.

Do the right thing Mr President, say the right things too. Together with the disappointing Khupe, Tsvangirai really does need some coaching.

Dr. Amai came back with a bang this week. Rebuking, cursing and warning Cde Dickson ‘Chinx’ Chingaira’s second wife, Ntombizodwa at a Zimbabwe Music Awards house presentation recently that nothing at the recently blood cancer diagnosed singer’s house belonged to her as she was a second wife who found everything as it was and budged into another wife’s home. She even went to an extent of telling her that she will not inherit anything when Cde Chinx passes on.

Too early ma’am! A frail Chinx was seated in a wheel chair just a few metres from her.

First Lady, Grace Mugabe, addressing a rally in Buhera recently

Grace Marufu was married in 1996 President Mugabe. She had already given birth to Bona Mugabe on 18 April in 1990, exactly two years, four months 11 days before the death of Zimbabwe’s darling first First Lady, Sally Francesca Mugabe on 27 January 1992.

Her marriage is then likely to have been illegal since Mugabe is Catholic and is allowed only one wife despite the President’s claims that Sally knew about the affair. It was as a result of infidelity on both sides.

We have not forgotten that she too was married to Stanley Goreraza with whom she has a son, Russell Goreraza. The conspiracy theories around him are plenty enough to fill up my limited space.

We do not know that about Chinx and his second wife. If what she said is how it should be like, I am sure she considers herself lucky that poor old Sally passed on as she would have relocated to Chivhu with nothing other than her clothes when Mugabe passes on.

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