“First Lady is My Only Mother’: Chipanga

ZANU PF Secretary for Youth Affairs, Kudzanai Chipanga has taken his boot-licking acts to a new high after sensationally claiming that the first lady Grace Mugabe is his only mother while bragging that he is the only person who can tell the first family what to do.

Chipanga who was addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters who thronged the party headquarters to offer solidarity to the first lady, Grace Mugabe called on youths members to honor and respect the first family and ignore damaging reports that continue to circulate on social media.

“All mothers in the women’s league are not my parents, I only have one father and mother in the party that is the first lady and his excellency and l Kudzanai Chipanga is the only person who can tell them what to do and they will listen to me,” Chipanga told the gathering.

The Makoni west legislator called on party youths to honor and respect President Mugabe and his wife while appealing to them to ignore bad and damaging news circulating on social media.

“Now l urge every youth gathered here that we must respect and honor of ‘mai na baba’ Mugabe only and stop listening to bad news that circulates on social media,” said Chipanga.

He added that, “We were supposed to be in Gweru right now preparing for the youth interface but as youth we sacrificed to be here at the National Headquarters because of our mother. Tomorrow we will be in Gweru preparing again to host our father and mother as their children.

“So we are together with you war veterans whatever you want to do for our mother and father, we are there to support you as youth.”

The first lady solidarity rally was organised by a war veterans faction led by Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Mandi Chimene to offer support to Grace Mugabe who recently grabbed headlines in South Africa after assaulting a 15 year old model Gabriella Engels after she found her in the company of her troublesome children, Robert Junior and Chatunga.

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