Ngarivhume’s Health Fair Initiative To Go National

Jacob Ngarivhume’s Transform Zimbabwe party has embarked on a health campaign program aimed at helping communities overcome health challenges that have been exacerbated by poor environmental management.

Following on the party’s recent clean up campaigns held in Mbare, Chitungwiza and many other suburbs of Harare, TZ organised a health fair in Glenview aimed at educating women on personal and community health issues.

According to Ngarivhume, his party is doing these health fairs to encourage women to prioritize their personal health as well as maintaining a clean environment to avoid outbreak of typhoid and other water born diseases.

“We are doing these campaigns so that diseases which are reportedly claiming lives can be avoided.

“This is not the time of blaming why the city council is not delivering service or the eminent US$15 billion which went missing, but it is time to take action and that is what we doing, to clean the country,” said Ngarivhume.

He vowed that his followers will go on a nationwide clean-up campaign to help get rid of waste and dirty which is now a common feature in most parts of the country.

Ngarivhume encouraged women to get education on cleanliness, “The best way to change the nation is to educate a woman because women are capable of destroying or building the nation.

Speaking on the same occasion, Ngarivhume’s wife, Nyashadzashe praised women calling them builders of the country.

Nyashadzashe called for responsible use and disposal of baby diapers and used sanitary pads which she said are polluting the environment resulting in disease outbreaks such as typhoid.

“Diapers and sanitary pads are seen everywhere in the city, women need to be taught how to be clean so that our country can also be clean.

“Now we want to teach women how to make washable sanitary towels so that the wastes can not be seen anywhere,” she said, encouraging women to go for health check ups.

During the event, women were accorded an opportunity to have their blood pressure and sugar levels tested.
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