New play for Bulawayo

THEATRE lovers in Bulawayo are in for a treat this month with the scheduled staging of a new play titled ‘The Brief Master’ at Bulawayo Theatre.

By Farai Mabeza

The play which premiered at the same venue at the end of July was written and directed by Tsoka Kwenda and explores the dynamics of human relationships while providing a witty portrayal of life in the townships of Bulawayo.

With a cast of three, The Brief Master tells the story of two bachelors who share a single room, in perfect harmony for ages. Their existence, perfect in their eyes, is marked by integrity, honor and values.

Then suddenly as love is introduced, things turn around and the honor and harmony are at stake.

Underwear mysteriously disappears and finger pointing becomes order of the day. Drama, conflict, mixed emotions, strange beliefs and occurrences ensue as they battle to solve this mysterious jinx.

Suspense and humor in the play is thrives as the underwear mysteriously moves from one room to another.

Kwenda talked about the inspiration behind the play.

“I was motivated by our township background, things that we believe and regulate. All the fears we have are mostly fears of the unknown. I have a strong belief that what is yours will be yours no matter what may come your way. You just have to believe.  I thought of sharing a township culture and the witty way we view life,” he said.

The play is produced by Theatre for Everyone in partnership with Mountain Peaks Arts. The play features cast members Duduzile Mafu, Fidel Fidex and Lynda Sonkomose.

Theatre for Everyone – Bulawayo’ is a theatre programme that intends to build up theatre audience attendance whilst a creating a marketable, sustainable and support worthy theatre industry. The programme says it does this through introducing fresh, original and entertaining theatre plays.

Mountain Peaks is an arts group that specializes in drama, music, dance, poetry and film.

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