Music Promoter Ventures into Film

A local arts promotion company, Team Big Family which made airwaves after sponsoring Hip Hop star Tehn Diamond’s countrywide tour has joined the film industry after sponsoring a new play titled Soulmate.

By Philemon Jambaya

TBF which is the brainchild of 25-year-old Chengetai Mashiringwane worked with the emerging playwright Nyasha Nhau on a yet to released new film titled ‘Soulmate’ whose main thrust is to encourage parents to support their children when they take arts as a career.

According to Nhau, Soulmate is a launch pad for young talented dancers, musicians, filmmakers and models and many others.

“In this play we gathered young people who are talented in dancing, music, film and modeling just to mention but a few. This is in a way a launching pad for most of them.

“The film also is an inspiration to parents that they should not discourage children taking arts as a career as many have been successful in their own right after taking it (arts) as a profession,” said Nhau.

In the film which is in the final stages of production, Nhau said the film will also explore the negativity that surround the modeling industry where models are abused by modeling agents.

“In the film you will see that it sets to explore the various negativity that has mired the modeling industry for a long time and it also seek to empower young girls on how they can deal with such predicaments,” explained the playwright and director.

Meanwhile ,TBF founder and CEO, Mashiringwane has promised a bigger  Hip Hop concert  dubbed ‘The 100% HIP HOP CONCERT’ which will feature an array of artistes including Tehn Diamond and Ammara Brown who is currently riding high with a new single ‘Akili’.

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