Lessons From Eddie Cross’s Remarks And The Imperialists Interests in Zimbabwe

When former Zimbabwean Vice President, Dr Joice Mujuru was fired from ZANU (PF), the British did not waste time in inviting her to London. The message was clear, “you have the support of the military but no grassroots support, get into a coalition with Morgan Tsvangirai and dislodge Mugabe and his party”.

By Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena

Who will forget MDC-T members singing the praises of Dr Mujuru, calling her a victim of Mugabe. Well, the plan did not work. Dr Mujuru failed to hold her party together, the ZimPF, leading to her parting of ways with some of her comrades from ZANU (PF). Later on, some opposition members who had joined her left her party.

While Mujuru was facing internal implosion in her new political home, those who had plotted her down fall from the ruling party turned against each other. When Mnangagwa became the second in command in ZANU (PF), he thought he was the crown prince. Well, he is now the most hated man , some are saying, he might not survive the December conference to be held in Gwanda (a town now famous for alleged ice cream poisoning).

Realising the inability of Mujuru to lead and the health of Dr Tsvangirai, the British have turned their back on Mujuru. By the way, imperialist by their nature have one interest – looting of natural resources. They will never fall in love with us. To them, a democratic government is the one that creates conditions for looting.

The British are now using Eddie Cross, the MDC-T MP to impress upon the MDC-T leadership (read MDC Alliance ) to enter into a unity government with Team Lacoster, on the basis that, Mnangagwa has the military and war vets behind him but lacks the critical mass. This critical mass is believed to be located in the MDC-T.

Forget about the UN reports on the looting of the DRC diamonds by the Zimbabwean military led by Mnangagwa and the military campaign carried out by him in 2008 in stopping Tsvangirai from claiming victory, leading to the death of over 200 MDC supporters. Today, the British , through Eddie Cross are saying the man is an angel.

What then should the working class and peasants do? As we have said, the struggle is about rejecting both the imperialists , their stooges and the parasitic bourgeoisie. The alternative is to build and strengthen the party of the working class and peasants, the Zimbabwe Communist Party.

Mabhena is the General Secretary of the Zimbabwe Communiist party and the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa.

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