All Set for Gospel Musicians Seminar

Zingoma Gospel Hub, a social media conglomerate of gospel artists, will on 28 October 2017 hold a free gospel musicians seminar to address challenges faced by the artists.

Running under the theme “Uniting for a common cause”, the seminar will cover music distribution and marketing, quality music production and organising successful gospel music shows among other topics.

Coordinator of the event, Fulton Bheme said the seminar was organised to offer advise to artists on how they can produce quality music, selecting producers, assembling music groups and music arrangement.

“A number of changes have occurred over the years that have greatly affected quality music production. Whilst the emergency of many studios is a welcome development, quality music production has also suffered with it.

“Another predicament facing gospel musicians is revenue to sustain their work and livelihood. In the past artists’ main sources of revenue have been music sales, shows and to a lesser extend royalties from air play.

“However, music piracy and technological developments have greatly affected music sales. The seminar will address alternative channels of music distribution and sales, so that artists salvage something from their efforts,” said Bheme.

The Gospel Musicians Seminar will help artists with ways to market their music. This will address all issues from product packaging, pricing and promotion.

It will also look at how social media and the web at large can be used to market artists’ music.

There have flops after flops at some gospel music concerts and this has resulted in less gospel music concerts and festivals.

Whilst other socio-economic factors are also impacting on gospel music shows, poor show management and promotion is the chief factor.


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