CCF Rolls Out Mentorship Program

Cliché tells us that one stone is restricted to killing one bird, but with a youth oriented organisation such as Campus Community Foundation, several birds are eating the dust in 2017. An exciting mentorship program slated for 2017, commencing in February is set to benefit community, corporates and college students in many ways than one.

By Simba Mazoyo

Picture this; you have very little fuel but you must drive to the mall. You then use the shortest route and upon arrival, alas! You meet an old friend you missed dearly.

The feeling you have is priceless and to add onto the amusement, he or she unexpectedly gives you a free fuel voucher. Getting into your intended shop, they have launched a promotion.

You wanted to buy two items and now it means you are getting a third one free. Getting to the parking lot, your car has been washed, free of charge courtesy of the mall’s Christmas special.

Honestly how would you feel? That is the feeling Campus Community Foundation in partnership with Junior Chamber International-Capital, Global Shapers Community and Youth Employ Zimbabwe intends to bring through their multi-dimensional eight month mentorship program.

In their unending efforts to bridge the gap between college and the real life of business and survival, the Mentorship Program will offer a chance to young people who dare to dream and are willing to take up and make use of the guidance of a mentor.

The young people to enroll for the program must be outstanding in their field of study as a pre-requisite though. Not only should they be willing to set career goals, but also need to be determined to achieve them.

As a benefit to our future and society, the mentees are expected to be individuals who are willing to in turn become mentors to others. They must be of astute character to then become the light in their respective communities.

‘Zvikomo zvikuru zvinotambidza mhute’, tall mountains cordially share fog. Through the CCF mentorship program, great potential shall meet vast experience to then create a calabash frothing with brilliance. The best way to deal with tomorrow’s woes is to be prepared now.

CCF has mastered the concept and indeed they are walking the talk. In her own words Dr E. Gadzikwa the Chairperson of CCF said, ‘’mentoring is a tool to advocate for and empower our young people to make a difference in their own lives, the lives of other young people and also within their communities.’’

The benefits are not only falling in the community and mentee’s plates. Corporates are also getting a fair chunk. With the huge publicity and coverage the 2O17 CCF Mentorship program will enjoy, it’s a never to miss chance for those that desire genuine visibility. In modern lingo, Public relations will never get any better.

Participation in this once in a lifetime opportunity will not only be a chance to give back to society, but also a way of identifying societal needs. Considering that today’s business is driven by revolutionary ideas and creative minds, the program is surely a golden opportunity for corporates.

As the program unfolds, Corporates with an eagle eye will definitely pick talent. The oldest book tells us of a widow at Zarephath who allowed Prophet Elijah into her house and she was left with an overflowing stock of oil and flour. In this light, history might repeat itself for the corporate that shall take in their ‘Elijah’ as a mentee.

Corporates are expected to hop in and avail mentorship in diverse areas that include; Marketing, Media &Arts, Accounting, Social Work, Mining & Engineering, Information technology, Entrepreneurship, Banking & finance, Law & governance, Agriculture and even Health.

These are critical sectors of the economic eco-system thus a mend in these will be a mend to Zimbabwe. Quoting from Dr E. Gadzikwa’s speech at the media launch of the program, ‘’the vision of CCF is to build and inspire young leaders who are equipped to drive Zimbabwe into the future.’’

For the mentees, nothing can beat learning from experience. There is no need to re-invent the wheel, but knowing that the wheel is there already, helps one to then move on and prioritize finding a solution to the next problem.

The youths will get a chance to rub shoulders with those that have been on the path they intend to walk. They will get invaluable advice that they will then transform into action for a better future. In as much as failure has been termed a stepping stone, they won’t need to make the same mistakes their mentors made, they will have the benefit of stepping on the already set stone and hop to higher ground.

Whilst registration for the program which opened in November is still going on until the 9th of January 2017, CCF remains resolute in its quest to groom college students for a better future and ease the problems associated with this period of life. Going along with their moto, they intend to not only nurture good seed, but spread it for the good of the society. They also continue to offer counselling, career guidance, life coaching and emotional support for Zimbabweans of the college going age.

The doors remain open for interested mentors and mentees as 2017 shall see a game changing program roll into life. Nothing can beat brilliance and as Miss Trish Hakata, the Project Coordinator highlighted, ‘’corporates will get to interface with brilliance since the youth they will mentor are somehow stars of their time.’’

For those that are interested, mentors and mentees the application forms are available on or they can call Tendai who is available on mobile number +263-771 925 355. With programs such as the one coming in 2017, things can only get better, the future of Zimbabwe is surely bright. We have a reason to look forward to tomorrow, a reason to smile and seasons to prepare.

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