You Are Born a Superstar, Pull-Out the Greatness Within

 The Greatness Perspective with Liberty Mwariwangu Sr

 It is mid-August in the year of 1997 and the winds are blowing vehemently, the trees are swaying back and forth in the gust of incessant whirlwinds. I am pacing down the cattle trail in the midst of a savanna plain when through the semi-thick haze of dust I recognized an approaching strange figure that seemed burdened. As it drew nigh, I noticed an ailing old man perhaps in his eighties wheezing like a yoked donkey, hobbling and staggering in the gust with vivid traces of sweat littering his entire brow having been blown away in the direction of the wind.

He had what seemed like a satchel laden on his back with the bottom area of it sticking out with what seemed like lumps, making it obvious to me that this assumed octogenarian was carrying something heavy for his old-spindly-body. This whole picture demanded my kindness to give a hand to this old hobbler.

“Hey Grandpa, do you need some help?” He slowly halted and turned to me with a somber look, his eyes signaling that he needed the help. I reached out to unburden him of his satchel, then I realised it was a bit heavier than I thought. “What’s in the bag grandpa?” Of cause I was astounded with the reply that followed. “They are stones my son”’ he quivered sheepishly, then he continued: “I received news that my daughter who has been married for fifteen years without a child has given birth to a boy and I am going to share all my joy with her”. He went on; “I stay in the village across the plain so to make sure that I would reach my destination without being blown away by the wind, I resolved to carry a few rocks in my bag so I may gain a more solid and heavier stamina against it”.

I marveled at how this old man had thought about re-inventing his youthful vigour that could cause him to trot across plains unrestrained by extenuating vehement forces like wind. He believed not only in the beauty of his dream but he believed also in seeing and cherishing it. Virtually no force can withstand a dream whose time has come. William Arthur Ward was right when he indited these timeless words: “If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you dream it, you can become it.”

The old man had already walked the journey in his mind and had overcome the tempest on the way by the power of positive thought. He had already seen his grandson in his imagination, which is why he took the calculated risk and launched into the deep. Help met him on the way not in his hut, in the first century biblical passage it is recorded that the ten lepers that were commanded by Jesus to go and present themselves to the priest were healed as they went. Grab your coat and say goodbye to demeaning factors around you then leave for your place of assignment which is purpose.

You will realise that the best experiences of life are not waiting at the destination but along the path of your quest for purpose. As you peddle on, you will be associated with growth, fulfillment and wealth. You can never become until you begin. You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore and the desire to experience the deep. You too can mimic this old but wise way, pack your bag called life with various stones in the form of mentors, positive friends, family, education and the list goes on. These solidify you during times when tempests are on rampage.

Capitalise on your strength and make it so vivid that your weakness obscures in the gleam of it. Feed your strength every moment you find through positivity, self discipline, good association, education or accountability. You starve your weakness to death not by focusing on how it’s impeding your progress but by keeping your mind on that which makes you strong. “It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness”; the Chinese proverb goes. Factor this out and you will glide on the wings of greatness.

We are all born superstars however the difference lies in our determination to pull that gem out of us. History is awash with persons that were giants on the inside not necessarily on the outside, people who made a resolution to pull-out the giants within. The mighty-Goliaths of life tumble before us if we capture the fiery disposition a biblical David had, the Fire of Faith in Action. Be committed to act on your beliefs and dreams as I wrote in my book, Dare Your Dreams – Challenge Your Limits: “Your future is hidden in your present, the attitude in which you live your present determines the pace at which you manifest your future.”

Liberty Mwariwangu Sr. is an Author, Columnist, Transformational-Motivational speaker, Consultant, Purpose expert and Senior pastor with Spirit Culture Churches Worldwide a non-denominational movement headquartered in Harare Zimbabwe. He is the founder of the Global Success Institute; an institution targeted at developing and enabling young people to make impact in their various spheres of influence so they can dominate in life. He makes appearances on television and radio speaking on purpose and motivation for a profitable and fulfilling life. He can be reached at +263774357394 or

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