Beware Of G40 Backlash, Kasukuwere Is Still Zanu PF PC

Mugabe has extinguished the fire that was consuming the National Political Commissar branding demonstrations “a primitive way to resolve issues in the party.”

“There is need to follow party structures and hierarchy without going to the Press or engaging in demonstrations,” President Mugabe said soon after cabinet ministers presented him with a ‘mobile chair’ at his belated 93rd birthday present at State House on Monday.

If it was a test to see Mnangagwa support base President Mugabe must be a worried man. The party is divided. The Mnangagwa instigated demo in Bindura was a huge success. Eight Zanu PF parliamentarians from the province namely Nicholas Goche, Joseph Mapiki, Remigious Matangira, Kenneth Musanhi, Christopher Chitindi, Kazembe Kazembe, Monica Mavhunga and Walter Kanhanga were notable participants in the demonstration. Where were the other members of parliament from Mashonaland Central?

What will the 8 MPs who attended the demonstration do now that ‘the thug’ is staying put? What will central committee member, Martin Mavhangira, who was handed the petition do? Will he hand it over to G40 dominated Politiburo? Four of the MPs who were at the demo disappeared when news started filtering in that President Mugabe had spoken against demonstrations.

President Mugabe was categorically clear media attack on Kasukuwere was uncalled for. He specifically warned Minister Mushowe against biased media onslaught against the political commissar of the party. That was an ominous reprimand to minister Mushowe. If there will be a cabinet reshuffle Mushowe is not safe.

The posters displayed in Bindura smack of a well sponsored and coordinated demo. Who was behind this demo? The finger points to team Lacoste the nemesis of G40 faction in Zanu PF. Mugabe is alive to the shenanigans of team Lacoste. The list of targets of demos touching on Mphoko, Chombo, Jonathan Moyo, Makhosini, Undenge, Chimene, Chipanga and others meant destabilization of the party and government.

With Jonathan Moyo the brains, Zhuwawo the linkperson and Kasukuwere the implementer, G40 is no pushover. Those who participated in the demo will most likely be labelled Mnangagwa aides and supporters. And war veterans seized the opportunity attend enmasse in Bindura. President Mugabe will not be amused by their attendance.

Obviously Mugabe did not buy in the idea that Kasukuwere wanted to unseat a constitutionally elected President. Perhaps team Lacoste should have focussed more on allegations of undermining the authority of the First Lady. Understandably, this is not their worry given they do not like the First Lady as well.

Team Lacoste was not helped by the concurrent Gweru demo. Gweru is the capital of the Midlands province. Mnangagwa is the Godfather of Midlands province. Has team Lacoste fallen to the trap? Were the demonstrators bidding for Mnangagwa in their zeal to finish off Kasukuwere accusing him of “insulting and disrespecting the party leadership, Kasukuwere is the one who tasked Sarah Mahoka and Mandi Chimene to attack Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa at a meeting convened at his ComOil offices”? They should be reminded that Mugabe was there when Mnangagwa was humiliated. This will not please the First Family. In Gweru the petition was handed to the provincial secretary of Administration, Perseverance Zhou, nicknamed “Gonyeti.” The posters and placards displayed were notably similar to those in Bindura.

In this a rehearsal of the post Mugabe era? President has bailed out G40. Will he do the same when team Lacoste is under threat? The time has come for President Mugabe to disable one of the factions as elections are fast approaching. Will he rely on team Lacoste or G40? The two teams are competitors and not team players in Zanu PF.

Demonizing Kasukuwere as a thug is to define him as Zanu PF. Indeed Zanu PF is a well known thuggish party. Violence is in the DNA of the ruling party. Kasukuwere is an asset in Mujuru Mash central and is the only cadre who can tell Mujuru to go hang. He is a bulldozer and trojan horse of the party.
Who would dare toyi toyi against Tyson when the President is against demonstrations?

It appears Kasukuwere has survived for now. The G40 configuration is regrouping preparing to fight back. With key figures in its ranks Sandi, Mahoka, Mafios and Tyson bruised the G40 backlash will be tantalizingly brutal.
Watch out for G40 backlash!

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