Beitbridge Invest In Peace Ahead Of 2018 Elections

Communities in Beitbridge are banking on the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) to help them overcome political intimidation as they search for lasting peace and development.

After a constitutional awareness meeting at Whunga Village in Ward 10 on January 30, 2017, the community resolved to engage with ZimRights’ help the local politicians to stress the need to allow the community to peacefully exercise their political rights, especially with foresight of the approaching 2018 elections.

Villagers said past incidences of political intimidation and violence had left the people’s spirit broken, their fundamental rights vulnerable.

The call comes as the country hurtles towards the next elections with campaigns by candidates expected to begin this year.

After learning that they had the right to freely exercise their political choices, the community promised to collaborate with ZimRights in solving problems of intimidation.

Ward 10 councillor Gladys Tlou and headman Mazibeli were part of the participants at the meeting.

Apart from the need to freely express themselves, the villagers also want to quench the long-felt thirst for development.

ZimRights learned that children from the area were facing difficulties in attending school at Whunga Primary and Malikuwa Secondary schools during the rainy season because of lack of bridges on flooded rivers.

The youth said they will approach Cllr. Tlou with projects to generate income, with potential proposals, including goat and chicken rearing.

If the District Development Fund (DDF) would agree to assist with other needs, members of the Whunga community resolved they were ready to freely offer their manpower to repair and upgrade roads in the rural area.

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