Why it aint safe to be a Momma’ s Boy ft QueenBezically

We all love our mothers but some guys seem to add a little sauce to their maternal attachments, sauce that some girls just cant take. The NOOG squad were joined by, Patricia, #QueenBezically, and they talked about how bad it is to date a momma’s boy. This obviously didn’t go down too well with Onai who introduced the team to the MBAZ, (Mommas Boy Association of Zimbabwe). Find out how that went down. Before this however, the team talked about Fadzayi Mahere running for MP and how MDC is acting like a bitter dude who only likes a girl once she has been taken.. Dont miss out the feeling station where the team weighs in on “Are you better than Beyonce?” and the quarter to five album by Jay Z #NOOGNATION

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