13 Questions With Musician Bryan K

Bryan Kadengu (BK) also known as “Bryan K” (24) has attracted the attention of many with his hit song “Heavy machine.” BK was born on October 3, 1992 in Chinhoyi and attended Chemagamba Primary School and Chinhoyi High School. He started his music career at school at the age of nine and professionally after leaving school. After winning the StarBrite show, he performed in Chinhoyi where he shared the stage with Oliver Mtukudzi, Busi Ncube, Roger Mbambo.

Bryan Kadengu has since recorded an eight-track album titled “Nyaya Dzerudo” which included titles such as “Jamaican Girl”, “Marunjeya” “Matida”, “Inseparable”, “Tanya”, “Usasiyane Neni” and “Beautiful You Are”.

Our 263Chat reporter Faith Zvorufura (FZ) had an interview with BK and below are the excepts from the interview.

FZ: Tell us about yourself, who is Bryan K?

BK: My name is Brian Kadengu, born and raised in Chinhoyi. I am an artist, song writer and guitarist.

FZ: When did your passion for music begin?

BK: I started singing when I was very young at the seventh day Adventist church I attended. My rise to fame began in 2012 when I won StarBrite talent search competition. It taught me a lot about music and being a professional artist.

FZ: Who is your inspiration?

BK: My mother. She has always been there for me and supported me through StarBrite and pursuing my career.

FZ: Who have you worked with?

BK: I have worked with Ice Prince, Micasa, Ugandan comedian, Kansime Anne, Victor Kunonga, Mr Kamera, Dobba Don and Oliver Mutukudzi.

Brian K

FZ: Did you experience any challenges when you started?

BK: Challenges will always be there but your passion for music should keep you going. I really cannot point out a problem but they are there.

FZ: Tell us about your song ‘Heavy machine’ and ‘Ndopenga’?

BK: ‘Heavy machine’ is about embracing our African women and helping them realize they are beautiful the way they are. Ndopenga is about my life, how became who I am today. It is also a motivation to stay focused and keep on working.

FZ: So you did not proceed to college to pursue music, please elaborate?

BK: My academic life stopped when I wrote my A’ Level, I chose not to proceed to college and pursue music and my mother still supported me.

FZ: Are you working on anything right now?

BK: I am currently working on new track with ExQ. Also working on my new album to be released in December this year.

FZ: You have a different genre?

BK: Yes, AfroSoul (African music with soul). I communicate what I feel in my heart.

FZ: How busy is your schedule?

BK: Always working on music. Its music and music.

FZ: Are you in a relationship?

BK: Yes, I am in a serious relationship with my music and career.

FZ: Typical day/week?

BK: It’s just music, all day, every day.

FZ: Word of advice to upcoming artists.

BK: Be focused and do not be dismayed by life challenges.

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