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1. that the two interviews were stage-managed is a fact ,because in both the interviews bbc hardtalk and dw_conflictzone she was saying and repeating the same thing which is a sign that she had rehearsed 2.mujuru must come out clean telling the truth about her complicity in Zanu pf human rights abuse,were she take part and were she didn't 3.Mujuru must also tell us,what kind of a social ministry she was heading which does'nt care much about human rights abuse to the extent of not even question matabele killings?SOCIAL MINISTRY? 4.Mujuru is also categorically denying Solomon complicity role in Gukurahundi saying the so-called 5th brigade was a special force ,but went on to admit that Solomon was involved when the fifth brigade was to be integrated into the ZNA???? oxymoron, denying and admitting at the same time which she did successfully without being noticed

Hermish DungaMarch 20 2017,#263Chat,Guest Blog

Good stuff 100% behind you young man

AndrewMarch 20 2017,#263Chat,Entertainment