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Does arts and culture have a significant role to play in society?

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I hear you JImmy, I am more of a proponent of change. I think we need to get the elephant out of the room even if it means tearing it down. to be honest i think i am the only one who thinks like this because every one else is too afraid of being killed. I feel you jimmy, alot more than you know i understand what you are going through because i am going through the same thing. half the kids in my son's class have a parent abroad paying their fees. it says alot about us as a nation. my name is Arthur, i have abandoned my stance to fight for the zimbabwe i want to see because i am the only one willing to do what has to be done i am in the process of sorting my passport and I am leaving the country...

ArthurOctober 19 2016,News

ahhh ko hadzina chitamba chekuchayiramota kkkkkk

taaOctober 5 2016,Courts,Entertainment